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Coach Scott Kittrell

I have been coaching & instructing the game of fastpitch softball & baseball for 12 years. Through that time I have taken full advantage of the opportunity that I have to help the dedicated athlete elevate their game. I am a member of the National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA), and with my membership I have been able to become certified in many details of the great game of fastpitch softball through their Coaches College program. In addition to the experience gained through the many resources provied by the NFCA, I have also taken part in numerous Coaches Clinics conducted by several of the most knowledgeable minds in the world of Fastpitch & Baseball as I continue to grow as a Coach.

Some of the Universities & Colleges that some of my athletes are currently competing for, or that have a future committment to continue their athletic career include... Auburn University, Berry College, Campbell University, Covenant College, Eastern Illinois University, Fordham University, Ga. College & State University, Ga. State University, Harper College, Montevallo University, Morehead State University, North Ga. University, Shorter Universtiy, & the University of Georgia.


The passion that I have for coaching & instructing comes from the gratification & joy that I see in the athlete when they witness the progression that they have made through their hard work and dedication. It's equally gratifying knowing that I had a hand in that progression. Perfection isn't made, it's earned!


Now let's get to work!


Referrals available upon request
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